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Hi Friends,

Lets stop the comments here and post all your comments at our new discussion site specially made for discussion.

Velama Association

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List of Velama Surnames-Updated

Hi Velamaites,
Past few months i was busy and couldn't update the list of velamas. Finally i could get some time do the update on the site. So here you go.

Please note that some of the names might be similar to other castes or other sub sects because of the ancient formation of castes and their surnames in our andhra pradesh. However, I am adding the collected information from our other velamaites.

1 Lalam
2 Abbireddi\ Abbireddy
3 Achineni
4 Adhini\ Adini
5 Adina
6 Adireddy
7 Aettepu
8 Ailneni
9 Akkyapatti
10 Akunuri

Velamas-Rebirth of Koppula & Padmanayaa Velamas- Analysis from Shiva fellow Velamaite

Hi Friends,
One of our fellow velamaite Shiva has given a great analysation about our velamas and how the rebirth has happened and how reddys kammas came into existence. First of all A great Applaud to Shiva for this analysis and hands down this is one of the best analysis that should go online. So bringing from comment section to Post section.  Once again Hats Off Shiva. Keep the spirit up. Here you go, the following is the Shiva's post.

"Velamas two types okaru padmanayaka velama second one adhi velama varu.
adhi velamavaru "veru gunachakali" ani perundhi veru only velamavariki vallaki weaving cloths nesevaru. Adhi velamavari and inka padmanayaka velama veru.

Starting lo Velamas kings warriours and soliders-ividhamuga velama samrajyam naduputhunnaru taruvatha rajyam anni eppudaithe poyayo appatinunchi evariki vallu videpoeee taruvatha lands ni occupie chesukoni british samrajyam lo zamindharuluga (kings )unnavallu settle ayyepoyaru

Aithe warriours,soilders ane velama varu vyvasayam(farming) chesukonevaru. evidhamuga velamavaru royals Gosha paddathini rachakutumbam nunchi patisttu unnaru.Varu rajyalu poyena vari paddatulu maintain chesevaru.

Megatha padmanayaka velamavaru ante warriours ga soliduers ga unnavaru agriculture chesukuntu unna nepadyamalo konthamandhi velama varu uttarandhra nunchi nadhi tera pranthamku valasa ga velli akkada agriculture chesukoni bathuku tunnaru alage vellina varilo gosha paddathiki swasthi cheppi memu gosha paddathi main tain cheyyammu ani, thati kamma medha megatha velama varitho oppandham kudhuruchukoni nadee(river) tera pranthamlhaiuku valasa vellipoyaru.
Thaati kamma medha agreement kudhurchukovadam valla atttii velamavaru kamma varuga ayyaaru.

Adhe vidhamuga reddy title kaligina reddy caste varu kuda poursham to videpoyyee swathanthruluga veligaru. Veru velamavaru avvadam valane veeriki aa matram daring aina vachindhi kani net lalo veru kaapulu nunchi videpoyaru ani anataru kani that is not correct.

In my analisation,because kapulu mentaltiki veriki ponthana undadhu veru velamavaru kabatte pourshavanthulu. Alage manchi tanamu veriki velamavariki daggaragane coinside avuthai. So veeru orgin velama vallanunchi vachindhi.

Veru basic ga rajula kalam taruvatha tax collectors ga ,alage grama peddalaga vyavaharinchevaru. so veeriki appatlo reddy title ivvadam ayyendhi. eppudayathe velama nunchi videpoyaro verru appatanucnchi reddy title nu alage reddy surnames base chesukoni reddy csatega records lo ki namodhu cheyyadam ayyendhi. ikkada reddy, kamma ni vari surnames gothralu padmanayaka velamanunchi vidagotadum jarigindhi so padmanayaka velamas royals gane untunnaru.

Ippatiki varu gosha paddatini konni families lo maintain chesthunnaru. So vari surnames, gotharalu diferent ga unnai.

kani ekkada meku present velama varilo oc, bc lu ane varu unnaru kani oc padmanayaka and adhi velamavaru ayithe, bc vachhi koppula velama, polinati velama varu bc category lo unnaru kanni ikkada mukhyamuga cheppavalasinadhi emitante eee koppala velama varu, koppula ane title reservation erapatu cheyyadaniki etitle nu upayogincharu.

Anthakamundhu veru velamavaru(padmanayaka) veru warriors,soldiers ga unnaru rajyalu unna time lo veru taruvatha kamma variki malle veru bayatiki vachharu kani veru nadee(river)terrapranthalaki vellakunda orginal place lone untu padmanayka nunchi videpoyye uttarndhralone agriculture chesukunevaru kani veri timelo pantalu pandakavarshalu padaka akkada unna lands ammukoni konthamandhi nadee (river)teera pranthaluku valasa ravadam ayyendhi.

Before indepedence padmanyaka velama la untu economicalga week avvadam valana after indepedence veru reservation erpatu chesukonadaniki veru padmanayaka nunchi vidipoyi koppu ane title pettukoni veru reservation availability chesukunnaru.Appatlo magavallu padamanayaka velamaslo koppu anedhi vesukunevaru.

So aa koppu veeru divide cheyyadaniki veru padmanayaka title upyogincha kunda koppu nu title ga pettukuni veru reservation 1972 lo applichesaru. Jalagam vengala rao period lo (cm) veru reservation pondharu. so veru in olden days lo padmanayaka velamaga unna ippudu matram koppu ane title nu erpatu chesukoni koppula velamasga bc lo konasaguthunnaru.

veru padmanayaka velama surnames nunchi verukuda kammas, reedys laga verayi surnames vidagotadam ayyindhi. so appatlo padmanayaka velma layena kammas,reddys,koppala velamas. Veri surnames entirely different to padmanayaka velamas, kani evarithe divide ayyaro varu kamma,reddy,koppala titleunna velamavaru surnames almost all maximum 40%to 50% surnames eee koppala velamavari surnames tho match avuthunnai verfied all people .

nenu ekkada goppalu gurnchi cheppatam ledhu kevalam velama varu inni caste lu ga vidipoyaru anedhi na analization tho cheppadam ayyindhi.mere observe cheyyandi nadhi almost all correct ledhu ani cheppagaligithe meru next comment raise cheyyavachhu. this my dare analisation ."

Velama Paurusham Videos, A new Yrs Gift to all velamaites

Year 2010 is passing tonight and 2011 is being welcomed by everyone all over the world. Its been more than 50 yrs our velama ancestors bravery and power is being recalled. Due to heavy domination of the other lower castes who doesn't even have a history for themselves in ANDHRA politics and Movies, Our mighty velamas are under looked and a huge discrimination is being done towards us. This is all done by subdividing our caste in to 4 or more sections.

In 2011, lets all make some resolutions and pave the way for out next generations of velamaites. Lets all of the Andhra Know what velamas can do they are united. Let them know that we are no more divided and we are all together for better generations. Lets Say all Hail Velamas. The kings of Andhra and Tamil Nadu. All hail velamas.

Here are some Videos that show what we are and what we are capable of, beautifully donned by Great.SVR.

Now this blog has subscription option on the right top corner which avails all the velama readers to subcribe to the posts and the comments. So lets subscribe and get all the updates directly into your emails, mobiles, pdas and browsers.

~Urs Ganesh Velama

Velama History Blog becomes public

After seeing our fellow velamaites enthusiasm and encouragement, i decided to finally take this blog public and make it available to all.

What i mean public here?
It means everyone who is interested in contributing to the velamas growth and likes to post, could post on this blog and let other velama users know about your patriotism and passion towards bringing up our caste and let other castes know what we can do if we are united.

One Umbrella Movement-One Velama

Wow.. With in the launch of the Velama Forums 3 days from the site, there are 30+ logins done.. :) Keep going guys.. and surely we can get all our velamas into one umbrella.. 

People who registered now will be life long members in our velama association forum. :) So Join soon and also let us make our frens join. 

Let us make everyone aware of the site and use it.

PPL who need help for studies in US or In search of jobs can post here and get help from others..  every velamaite can get benifited of this movement if it is put forward in a right way. So lets make this
" One Umbrella movement" to all of our velamaites.

Those who want to participate actively in this "One umbrella Moment" can become volunteers and take necessary steps for the better future of our siblings, children and so on.  

Suggestions if any, can be put in the suggestions category. 

Thank u,
Yours Ganesh Velama

The Velama Association Portal community is setup

Hi Friends,
Finally the velama Association portal community is set up and ready to use. Lets start discussing everything there. :)
As per the request of many of us, this portal as of now is offfering the forum to chat and discuss. Lets use to the full extent and make it success.
Here is the link to velama association .

Finally the Online Velama Association site is being setup.

Guys here I am to discuss about the online portal and forum for all our velamaites all over the world is getting ready in few days and the much awaited community portal is going to be released.

This Portal is being developed from the contributions of present governing body of the worldwide Velama Association. This portal has many features and facilities to avail all our velamaites mingle at one place and discuss coordinate and cooperate each other. I hope it will be a milestone for our caste to have a Common place to all the velamaites spread across the globe.

According to the news i got, it is going to be released soon, and all of us can share and contribute to our caste and its growth by participating in various events. Each one of us can register there and take part or even lead the functions and events in our respective areas with the help of that portal.

So Friends, Lets wait and watch the much awaited Portal, a common place for all velamaites. :)

Yours Ganesh Velama