Velama History Blog becomes public

After seeing our fellow velamaites enthusiasm and encouragement, i decided to finally take this blog public and make it available to all.

What i mean public here?
It means everyone who is interested in contributing to the velamas growth and likes to post, could post on this blog and let other velama users know about your patriotism and passion towards bringing up our caste and let other castes know what we can do if we are united.

Lets rock on and bring up the passion in you and start contributing to the blog.

Who ever is interested in posting on this site can directly send me your article to Once i receive the article i will be posting it on the site if it follows the below guiding principles.


  • Please make sure that your post is unique and doesn't exist anywhere in the web. if found it is not unique google will surely penalize our site, and we may loose our blog to dust. So make sure this guideline is met for sure.
  • Donot take copyrighted content like pics and other stuff.
  • Make sure your article is not hurting any fellow velamaites not even subcaste biased. Since here all of us strongly believe in gaining stength through unity among us.

So, if these guidelines are met, you can send your article  and expect it posted. This way we can ensure all of our views are being heard.

Why do we need this to be public?
I have noticed many of us who are having great passion towards our community are just sticking to the comment section alone and are not being read by other velamaites. So now on, I wanted all of those who really want to make differnece to the community to come and let others know your voice and views.

Note: If you are interested in contributing more and want to post regularly, then you can send me the articles and i will make you an author to the site so that you can directly post your articles without even sending me mail.

~Urs Ganesh Velama


  1. Ganesh,

    It is an excellent idea to open this blog to public. We hope to see more participation from our community with ideas and suggestions to develop our community.

    I am posting following opinion poll link from regarding present political situation in our state. Suryaa newpaper is managed by Nukararu Suryaprakasa Rao garu. He belongs to our community.

    I request our community members to participate in the poll. If more people participate it will make the poll more accurate.