Velama Paurusham Videos, A new Yrs Gift to all velamaites

Year 2010 is passing tonight and 2011 is being welcomed by everyone all over the world. Its been more than 50 yrs our velama ancestors bravery and power is being recalled. Due to heavy domination of the other lower castes who doesn't even have a history for themselves in ANDHRA politics and Movies, Our mighty velamas are under looked and a huge discrimination is being done towards us. This is all done by subdividing our caste in to 4 or more sections.

In 2011, lets all make some resolutions and pave the way for out next generations of velamaites. Lets all of the Andhra Know what velamas can do they are united. Let them know that we are no more divided and we are all together for better generations. Lets Say all Hail Velamas. The kings of Andhra and Tamil Nadu. All hail velamas.

Here are some Videos that show what we are and what we are capable of, beautifully donned by Great.SVR.

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~Urs Ganesh Velama

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