Pithapuram Kingdom - Velama Dynasty

Velamas are the great kings of the ANDHRA PRADESH. Velamas own many kingdoms in Costal Andhra, Telangana and rayalaseema region. So, here comes the first in my series of posts about velama kingdoms, The kingdom Pithapuram, which is now famous for pada gaya sarovaram.

This is a famous Velama kingdom that is now part of East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. Poets like Vinjamuri Somesha who wrote Ragahvayadaveeyamu were at the court of Pithapuramu. Vakkalanka Veerabhadrakavi wrote 'vasavadattaaparinayamu' and dedicated to the King of Pithapuram, Nayani Madhavarao (1679-1704). Famous poet Kuchimachi Timmakavi was honored by king Madhavarayalu (1710-1755) with the title, 'kavisarvabhouma' (emperor of poets). The following are the poets of Pithapuram kingdom and their works.

Kings of Pithapuram and their descendents had invested a lot of money to support Telugu literature and established literary organizations like "Andhrasahitya Parishattu."


  1. post about nugiveedu zamindars too, they are also velamas, and ex-chief miniters jalagam vengal raos family is associated with them

  2. @Sushmitha

    Guess you have lot of information with u. If you are interested you can post about nujiveedu here :)

  3. wow.............. i am very happy to know that the great director puri jagannath belong to our community........thank u for the information @ vamshi krishna rao

  4. Aal isn`t dat wll as v suppose bcoz der r nt any whereabouts of our samasthanams descendents.its hy tym dat v wakeup & get info on dem & involv dem in our community`s activities.I WUD ALSO B XTREMELY HAPPY IF DER IS ANY INFORMATION ON SRIKALAHASTI ZAMINDAR

    1. DAMERLA CHENNAPPANAYAKUDU ruled srikalahasthi under arvindu dynasty and most interesting fact is the famous city chennai is named after him in honour...

  5. @Sushmitha

    Can you please post more info about the King of Pithapuram, Nayani Madhavarao (1679-1704)?

  6. Just as an aside I would like to point out that our Group visited Pithapuram in 2008 for that is the birth place of Sripada Sreevallabha - supposed to be the first reincarnation of Dattatreya in the 11th or 12th Century. We were lucky to visit many temples too in the surrounding areas.

  7. i am very glad that i belong to pithapuram