The Velama Association Portal community is setup

Hi Friends,
Finally the velama Association portal community is set up and ready to use. Lets start discussing everything there. :)
As per the request of many of us, this portal as of now is offfering the forum to chat and discuss. Lets use to the full extent and make it success.
Here is the link to velama association .


  1. Thanks Ganesh...The forum is great.

  2. hi ganesh gi, namaste, from vijayawada velama
    s.v.achuta rao, professor, cse branch.

    hats of to you. such you like person services us

    lot once again big hands to you., shall you get a time and

    can talk with me. we together maintain the list of all velamas. i have zeal to make a list of lecturers, asst.professors,assoc. professors, and professors and doctorates in education of our community, we like teaching people can change the velama community....... thanking you good morning from india,vijayawaada,eluru, achuta rao, velama, 37,bbbbyyeee all OF OUR VELAMAITES

    1. Hi achutha this is ramu working as software developer in csc india chennai
      This is really very good approach
      I think this s d policy wer we can bring velamas togeather
      I would like to share one more thing some of the velamas migrated to venkatagiri under the raja of venkatagiri
      At that time for security issues he kept all velama villages in and around venkatagiri now raja of venkatagiri was not interested in innovating our velamas
      The approach above may workout of innovating velamites

  3. Please see the photos of inauguration photos
    of Velama Association Bhavan in Hyderabad.