Hey friends, this blog was named after our cast history, i dont know how many of us knows historical leaders of our cast. if v asks, everybody says THANDRA PAPARAYUDU, BRAHMANAIDU OR BALACHANDRUDU, but very few knows about RECHARLA SINGAMABHUPALUDU. Here iam taking chance to explain the velama legendery during 14th century.
We all knows kakatiya kingdom has ruled the andhra during 14th century, they ruled not only andhra but also some part of Karnataka. RECHARLA SINGAMABHUPALA (he was the first velama king, estabilished rachakonda kingdom in present Nalgonda district) was the supreme commander and commander in chief for kakateeya kingdom. During that time muslims are trying to occupy south india, they occupy whole north india and a part of south india. Muslims taken the help of Allauddin khilgi to conquer orugallu as their third attempt, but they wont take single step forwrd to occupy Orugallu, because of SINGAMABHUPALA, he leaded the kakateeya army and defeat the allauddin at bheemaram (Presently Bheemavaram near by warangal). King prataparudra called him as Kaliyuga dronacharya, kaakateeya rajya samrakshaka.

There are 3 wars happen between velama kings and kshatriyas, those are bobbili war, palanadu war and jallipalli war. i hope everybody knows first two wars, but i dont know, how many of u guys knows the Jallipalli war.

Here i want to share some information about Jallipally war. During the end of 14th century, there are around 4 kingdoms and more than 50 sansthanas for velama kings, that makes Kshatriya kings reddy kings jealous. Kshatriyas and reddys join hands together to defeat Velama kings, they know very well that, they cant fight with velamas alone. They thought that if they kills the singamabhupala, who is cosidered as a adinayakudu ( not a chiranjeevis movie) by tht time, all velamas going to bow them.
Singamabhupala has two sons, those are ANAPHOTHA NAYUDU and MADAVA NAIDU, those two known for bravery.

Kshatriyas attacked velama kingdom by the time Anaphota naidu and madava naidu went to kalinga. They killed singamanayudu( not singama bhoopaludu), who is the king of chintapalli. singamanayudu is the brother-in-lah of singamabhupaludu.

Singamabhoopaludu called all velama kings and made them ready for war. Kshatreeyas planned to kill the singamabhupala un ethically by calling him for talks, but no king or reddy is ready to kill singamabhupala un ehically, because all those are students of singamabhupala once upon a time.

Poosapati Madhava varma, who is the king of Vijayawada by that time, leading the war on kshatriyas side. He sent his childhood friend (king of Srisailam) thambolla brahmaji to singamabhupala for peaceful talk, but that brahmaji stabbed the singamabhoopala, while he was sleeping in midnight.

All velama kings got angry and they cant digest the death of simgamabhupala, who brings glory to velama cast and who makes velamas, the kings.this news has reached to the sons of Singamabhupala, they came back from Kalinga immediatly. Singamabhupala has taken promise from his sons to kill all Kshatriya kings.

On 7th day of Singamabhupala's death ceremony, all velama kings are promised to kill kshatriyas. And the day for JALLIPALLI WAR came, on that day all velamas prayed SURYA DEVA ( god of Padmanayaka velamas) and BETHALA (guardian of velama caste) and attacked the JALLIPALLI FORT. All velama army made a slogan of "Hara Hara mahadeva' and went to war. Kshatriyas and reddys have the army of around 60000, but velamas alone have 40000 army. But velamas has strong Elephant army, that no body have in india during those days.

War has started. Kshatriyas fighting is for victory, but velamas fighting is for Revenge against the death of singamabhupala. Anaphotha nayudu killed the commender of kshatriyas kondamalraju and datached his head from his body and he pierced the head with ballem and showed to velamas, that makes all kshatriyas scare.

Anaphtha nayudu killed all the main kings like pinnamaraju and myloore raju. Madava nayudu killed the obulu raju and chief of reddy kings "vinukonda maarareddy".

There is one war custom by velamas known as "Bomma kattu", as per that they will make a statue of opponent and they will tied it to their foot and they will tempt the opponent by dragging the statue on earth. All velama kings has followed this custom in jallipalli war.

Finally velamas killed all the kings and reddy opponents, only few are escaped, one of them is Poosapati madava varma( king of vijayawada), who is the primary reason for this war. he ran to gajapati kings and took a shelter there.

finally we won the war. But still velamas are not happy, they did paisachika pooja, that is really terrific called as "ranamukudupu". In midnight they went to war field and chanting all mantras of bhetala, bairava, shakini and daakini and invite all those kshudra shaktis by mixing food and blood in the skulls of their enemies, just think how they take revenge on opponents.

Here iam saying all these to know our legendery status in ancient days, now a days we seems like nothing, there is no unity at all. Here iam not criticizing any other cast people, but iam saying about my cast. if anybody feels bad about any thing just scarap me!! iam thankful to Sri Kotagiri buchinaayana and sri B.G. Naidu, from whom i learn all this velama history!!

Thank you!!
Ganesh Velama


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  13. we are kshatriyas
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  14. A small palnadu war who is from velama caste means whther nayakuralu nagamma or palntali brahma naidu who is d one frm velama n

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    VEERA SHAIVAS : WHO support n pray only lord SHIVA.

    VEERA VAISHNAVS: WHO supoort n prag only lord VISHNU.

  15. reddy rajus were not killed by velamas but reddy dynasty was uprooted due to continuous expedetions of muslim kings from north india